When you are in need of royalty free media( images, sounds) use this webpage as a starting point.

First:  Start Here

Below is a list of royalty-free, copyright-friendly sources.

Images and Videos

Pixabay(use the username "guest" and password "guest" to get to their safe search site)

Fish and Wildlife Service

Moving Image Archive (videos, animation, etc.)


Getty Images

Create a picture with text on it (use an image generator like Image Chef or paste a picture in Google slides, add text, and save it as a .jpg)

New York Public Library Digital Images


Library of Congress Digital Collections






NOAA Photolib

NASA Images on Flickr

NASA Image and Video Library


From Old Books


Free Digital Photos


National Archives



Music and Sounds

YouTube Audio Library (Note: converting music from YouTube is not copyright okay, but using media from the audio library is!)Sound Gator
Public Domain MusicSound Bible
Lit2Go (collection of stories and poems in MP3 audiobook format)Musopen
Soungle (sound effects)Freeplay Music
JamendoAudio Archive

Free Music Archive

Music You Own (cd, iTunes, etc.) - Remember that the music has to match the content of your presentation. Just adding a song you like doesn't meet fair use guidelines.


Second:  Determine Fair Use

If you go beyond the resources above and explore other sites, be sure to check each site to make sure your use is covered according to their policy. In some cases, media can be used in class but cannot be posted to the web or used in a contest submission, so double-check before using it. When in doubt, always ask the creator! You can also use the tools below to help you determine whether your intended use falls under Fair Use guidelines.


Fair Use

Unsure if something falls under Fair Use? Check out this flow chart to see if you have the right to post the image online.


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